Judith Hoyt has been making art from found metal and paper collage for over thirty years. Born in 1958 in the Catskill Mountains of New York, Judith’s innate interest in art developed at a young age. At age 15, she began taking classes at Art Awareness, Lexington, New York. She continued her art studies at the State University of New York at New Paltz, where she earned a BFA in Printmaking in 1980. After graduation, access to a press was sporadic. Judith began to work with collage using found materials. She returned to school and worked under acclaimed metalsmith Robert Ebendorf. Later, Judith discovered encaustics and added that to her palette.

Judith’s process is a dialectic one, between her and the materials she collects.  This material is discolored, corroded and misshapen by the random process of history and intuitively arranged to take shape as a composition. It has been said about Judith’s work that it, “...looks as though in the melding of collage elements, the alchemy of art transmuted the individual parts into a new whole.”

Her work is included in the collections of the Guggenheim Museum (New York), Pennsylvania Academy of Arts (Philadelphia), The Smithsonian Museum, (Washington, DC), and the Racine Art Museum (Racine, Wisconsin).

Hoyt’s solo shows have been at such venues as the Garrison Arts Center, Garrison, NY (2010), Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY (2012) and Wired Gallery, High Falls, NY (2015). Her work has been featured in such group shows as Cut and Paste, Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery (2013), Featured Artist, Facere Jewelry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA (2012), and is a finalist for the second time for the Rapheal Prize at the center for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA (2018).

Hoyt’s work appears in a number of publications including, Vol. 34 / No.2 / Metalsmith Magazine (2014), On Body and Soul: Contemporary Armor to Amulets, by Suzanne Ramljak (2014), The Female Gaze, by Robert Cozzolino, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (2012) and Jaimee MacDonald’s Jewellery from Recycled Materials, A&C Black Publishers Limited (2009).